Many factors must be taken into account in order both production & promotion of coated products to be succesful.

That is why, together with our partners in InovisCoat, we are at our customer’s side from the very beginning providing them with every needed assistance during the development of their products.

With experience in photographic application, InovisCoat has been able to expand the range of its markets from nano-technological areas to security technology and energy systems. This background allows InovisCoat consistently to produce new solutions to a wide range of technical problems.





Optical Systems


Focusing on Precision

Multilayer coating allows the creation of special composites to, for instance, generate fireproof materials containing electrical properties at the same time.
Particularly in the optical field, the precise application of functions is crucial. Minimal imprecision can render a full production run unusable. 


Energy Technology


Technology with power

Whether solar or fuel cells, batteries or other energy systems, coating a substance can add the desired properties, especially where flexible products are concerned. InovisCoat’s method of ultra-precise, mixing-free, simultaneous multilayer coating can cover an enormous range of potentials. Especially the encapsulation and protection of such systems puts particularly high pressure on coating technology.  




Innovation in the right light

Having had the chance of working with different light emitting systems in the past, a lot of specific know-how can be offered. Products containing photo- or electrochromic layers and other conductive systems can be manufactured optimally and cost-effectively with ultra-precise multilayer coating technology. An additional encapsulation can be provided through the application of specific barrier layers. 



Let us paint you a picture

Thanks to the innovative power and knowledge of our partners in Inoviscoat, almost everything to do with coatings can be supplied :

 ▸  black and white papers on baryta paper substrates for fine art contact papers and multi-gradation papers. 
 ▸  black and white papers on PE paper substrates for multi-gradation papers. 
 ▸  colour-negative paper on PE paper substrates which are KODAK RA-4 or Agfa AP94 process-compatible. 
 ▸  instant colour material.

Colouring diffusion, silver salt diffusion, receptor materials, infrared recording material and colour-negative film material are also available.

Security Systems


A secure choice

While production quality is essential, trust and reliability are also key factors in this business. So, in order to meet the highest standards in all three fields, together with our partners we have already implemented several products and process innovations successfully for this sector :

 ▸  optically high and highest resolution photographic films. 
 ▸  material components for ID card systems. 
 ▸  bonded coatings for many different polymer substrates, including PC, PVC, PE, PP,PET, PET-G and PA. 
 ▸  innovative optical bio-organic data storage media (WORM,WMRM). 
 ▸  photochromic security components.

Medicine / Life Science


Precision saves lives

Especially in trans-dermal systems and for active substances to be taken orally, correct and ultra-precise dosage is vital. To ensure these requirements, the simultaneous multilayer coating from InovisCoat offers a reliable production alternative. Its techniques can also be used to provide clinical hygienic material with various functions. Furthermore the following applications are implemented :

 ▸  masking of unpleasant tasting ingredients with collagen derivatives.
 ▸  diffusion-controlled ingredient kinetics through layer-specific interlacing.


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